Alumni of the Year

Presented by the Board of Trustees to an alumnus or alumna in recognition of professional achievements or distinguished community service


Deborah Masters '69: 2016 Recipient

Deborah Masters, Alumna of the YearHarrisburg Academy was pleased to welcome the 2016 Alumna of the Year, Deborah Masters '69, as the Commencement speaker at the Academy’s Class of 2016 graduation ceremony on Friday, June 10.  Masters was nominated for the 2016 Alumna of the Year Award by the Executive Alumni Board, the leadership group of our Academy alumni.  

Since her time at the Academy, Masters has become a successful sculptor.  She lives north of New York City.  She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and a graduate of the New York Studio School.  In 2001, she received the city’s Best Public Art Award for a work titled “Walking New York.”  It is a 8.5-by-350-foot relief mural at JFK Airport.  During her long and successful career in sculpture, Masters has had shows at galleries in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Turin (Italy), Haverford College, and New Orleans to name just a few locations.  Additionally, she has commissioned work at the Storm King Art Center, Coney Island, Nantucket, and the campus of Penn State/Harrisburg, to name just a few.  Deborah’s work is included in public displays at Cal State/Long Beach and Reservoir Park in Harrisburg!  The list of her shows, public arts, and commissioned work goes on for pages.

Early in her career and before focusing her time on sculpting, Masters' work focused on environmental issues.  She was awarded the Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention for a project she worked on for Tri-Boro Shelving.

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