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The capstone to the personal learning journey that is a Harrisburg Academy education is the Centers for Experiential Learning & Innovation. The five Centers housed within the program — The Center for Experimental Sciences, The Center for Global & Local Citizenship, The Center for Technology & EntrepreneurshipThe Center for Literary Studies, and The Center for the Creative Arts — provide customized learning opportunities that supplement the Academy’s traditional liberal arts core and International Baccalaureate curriculum. 


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High school students are able to participate in both in-school and off-campus experiences in a variety of professional workplace locations. The Academy’s intent is to enable its students, with the support of faculty mentors, to cultivate their passions and create individualized internships that supplement traditional classroom learning.  


The Centers program also features a speaker series, bringing experts on-site to add context to the lessons being learned in the classroom and off-campus.  Contact one of our Centers directors for specific current opportunities in the area of your interest.



 Rebecca Coutts
Director of the Center for
Technology & Entrepreneurship
717-763-7811 x1305

Peter Frengel
Peter Frengel
Director of the Center for
Literary Studies
717-763-7811 x1106
Michael Gamon
Director of the Center for
the Creative Arts
717-763-7811 x1384
Lindsay Bowman
Director of the Center for
Global & Local Citizenship
717-763-7811 x1302
Lakshmi Shrikantia
Director of the Center for
Experimental Science
717-763-7811 x1205

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